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All companies need to communicate.
But not all need to communicate the same.


The company, regardless of its activity and dimension, needs to communicate. AND IT NEEDS TO COMMUNICATE WELL. Both to improve its strategic and commercial positioning, and to achieve an optimum projection and visibility that will help it grow and be more proactive. In FolchTime, we help you define how, when, and where you should communicate.



We create the necessary contents to improve media presence and define digital narratives for social networks.


We develop web, app and DBDD environments focused on obtaining results, while ensuring reputation and online positioning.


We promote the brand and its values: marketing, advertising management, design, event organization, market research …

At FolchTime, we understand Corporate Communication as a POWERFUL TOOL FOR TRANSFORMING AND DYNAMIZING organizations.

A well-communicated company is able to face all its challenges and make the most of its opportunities. Therefore, in addition to promoting external communication, we also make our clients leaders in internal communication.

Comunicación FolchTime


… business or activity with a comprehensive and integrative corporate communication strategy.
Adapted to your environment and objectives. Do you want us to prove it?

When we talk about Corporate Communication in FolchTime, we think of a high-performance engine: where all the pieces fit perfectly. And they work as a whole to obtain the maximum benefits.
Our pieces are Communication, Marketing, App and Web Applications, Advertising, RRPP, Improvement of media presence, In-company projects, Design, Digital Narratives, Branding, Web Content, Social Networking Management, Database Development, Strategic and marketing Analysis, Organization of promotional events, Translations, Paper publishing, Photography, Creation of audio and video announcements …

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